A Green Solution to a Growing Crisis

Believe in a sustainable future. Choose a voice that echoes the concerns of every citizen – a voice that roars against the negligent giants who play games with our future. Michael Lavery is that voice.

Welcome to Michael Lavery's campaign page. We're in the midst of a major event. The world we knew is rapidly changing and we're dancing on the edge of an environmental precipice. We need change - immediate, significant, and sustainable. Michael is here to lead that change.

Science is clear: climate change is real, human-induced, and accelerating at an alarming pace. The annual mean temperature in Massachusetts has increased by 3 degrees since the 19th century. Each passing summer is the hottest on record. Intensified wildfires rampage through our forests, laying waste to homes and ecosystems. Since 2000, the U.S. has seen a three-fold increase in large wildfires compared to the 1990s.

Our oceans are turning acidic, our polar ice caps are melting, and the delicate balance of our ecosystems is on the verge of irreversible collapse. We cannot afford to continue this trajectory.

Mike stands firmly on the scientific consensus and advocates for immediate, proactive measures against this existential threat.

Climate Change: An Undeniable Reality

Sts Peter and Paul Church in the village of Morshchikhinskaya



Mike proposes a Green New Deal for Massachusetts, offering economic and environmental reforms that will reduce our carbon footprint and create jobs in the emerging green economy. His focus is not only on addressing the consequences of climate change but on treating its root causes - our heavy reliance on fossil fuels and our continued tolerance of big polluters.

He is committed to:

  • Clean Energy Transition: Moving our state toward 100% renewable energy by 2030.
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Supporting local farmers who practice regenerative agriculture.
  • Eco-Education: Incorporating climate change education in school curriculums.
  • Justice and Equity: Ensuring marginalized communities are at the forefront of climate solutions.
  • Green Jobs: Bolstering job creation in sustainable sectors.


For too long, the two-party system has held our nation's environmental policies hostage to political brinkmanship. We've seen the stagnation in Congress, the endless bickering, and the divisive politics, leaving our most urgent issues unattended.

Mike stands outside this archaic, dysfunctional system. He isn't bound by corporate interests or divisive party lines. His sole allegiance is to the people of Massachusetts and the environment we inhabit.

Mike’s campaign is not funded by corporate PACs or fossil fuel giants, but by everyday people like you who believe in the urgent need for action. Our fight is against those who treat our planet as an expendable resource.

If you, like Michael, believe in the power of change, in standing up against the relentless tide, join us. Lend your voice to our cause, volunteer with our campaign, donate what you can. Be a part of the solution.

Remember, Mike isn't just running for State Representative - he's running for the future of Massachusetts and the world we leave to our children. It's time we elected a representative who values our environment above all else.

Vote Michael Lavery, because we all deserve a livable future. Donate Now


Photo of the church by Евгений Гармонист (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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